Samsung’s first Full HD plasma TVs – the P9 series

Samsung has launched its new range of Full High Definition (FHD) Plasma screen televisions – the P9 Series. The first 1080P Plasma screen from Samsung, the P9 series provides entertainment enthusiasts with the ultimate viewing experience.

As Australians are taking to Full HD, and becoming aware of the benefits, there will be more people who will want to experience it for themselves. Led by AV early adopters, consumer knowledge of HD has grown over recent years. Full HD is the now the new frontier for high definition viewing, offering consumers a viewing experience with clarity and detail not before available at home. This is shown in the survey data that suggests the prime motivators for people upgrading to this new technology are movies and sport in Full HD.

Full HD is defined as 1080p and differs from standard HD in that the image resolution increases by up to 35 per cent, delivering depth, detail and clarity never before experienced. Recognising these benefits, Australians have identified movies and sport as key drivers for upgrading to televisions with Full HD technology.

Source: Samsung