As for where you’ll be able to experience a virtual rollercoaster, Samsung and Six Flags are gradually rolling this out over the next month, setting up an alien invasion VR coaster at six individual Six Flags parks across North America (Arlington, TX; Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles, CA; St. Louis (Eureka), MO; New York (Lake George), NY; Montreal, Canada;), while a Superman version of the VR coaster will be set up at three other parks (San Antonio, TX; Agawam, MA; Upper Marlboro, MD;).

That’s no good for Australians, unfortunately, unless you happen to be taking a trip to America any time soon.

We’ve checked with Samsung’s local people on the matter and it doesn’t appear that anything is on the horizon at this time, but given that we still have both Dreamworld and Warner Bros Movie World, we suppose anything is possible.