Samsung’s i8 – digital camera, MP3 player, camcorder and World Tour Guide

The i8, Samsung’s successor to the i7 and i85, is packed with a range of innovative features designed for life on the go.

Beneath its fashionable exterior, the i8 hosts a range of features that make it a true multimedia device, including:

  • The Samsung World Tour Guide brings the world to the consumer, with information on 2,600 famous attractions in over 30 countries. The World Tour Guide is supported by free software downloads from
  • The i8 can play MP3 music files, MP4 video files and also view text. The i movie mode camcorder feature is capable of recording 800×592 high resolution movie files with sound, making it an ideal camera for holidays
  • A high resolution 6.8 cm screen allow users to view their images with greater clarity. The minimal controls make the i8 simple and easy to use.
  • The i8 also features advanced Digital Image Stabilisation (DIS) to reduce the effects of vibration on consumer’s images.

As a digital still camera, the i8 features an eight megapixel image sensor with a 30x optical zoom of and an International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) sensitivity of 1600 for use in low lighting conditions. Standard features in the i Series also include face recognition software and red-eye reduction.


Image sensor: 8.2 megapixel

Lens: 35mm film equivalent of 38mm-114mm

LCD screen: 6.8 cm

Focusing: TTL autofocus

Shutter speed: 1~1/2000 sec

ISO equivalent: Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600

White balance: Auto, daylight, cloudy, Fluorescent_H, Fluorescent_L, tungsten, custom

Storage: 195MB internal Flash memory

Multifunction: MP3, PMP, World Tour Guide, Text Viewer, Portable memory, Voice recorder, storage device

Interface: Windows, Mac

Power source: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery

Dimensions: (W x H x D): 90.7 x 58 x 19.9 mm

Weight: 116 grams

Special features: Digital Image Stabilisation, Virtual 3D Surround system, Face recognition, Flash Animation GUI, Face Detection

Source: Samsung