Inside Samsung’s smart home bonanza at IFA 2023

Samsung went all out at the IFA 2023 trade show earlier in the month, showing off TVs, projectors, and smart cooking appliances aimed at helping you live your best life.

We toured Samsung’s huge stand at the event to get up close and personal with the latest smart home tech. From huge displays to smart kitchen appliances, there was a lot to like. Some of this cutting-edge tech is here now, while there’s plenty to look forward to in the near future.

Here’s just a quick summary of our highlights from what we saw.

TVs and projectors

Launched earlier in the year, the Samsung Q80C is a massive 98-inch QLED 4K TV, and although we know how impressive it is, seeing it again in person was a reminder of how far display technology has come in recent years. We also got to see the Neo QLED variant not yet confirmed for Australia, one that has Mini LED technology, but we’ve got our fingers crossed that it’s not far away.

Next up was Samsung’s The Frame TVs. These stylish sets are great for displaying artwork when not in active use. Thanks to a recent collaboration with Disney for its 100th anniversary, you can enjoy 100 gorgeous pieces of Disney art. Although the specific Disney TV model isn’t available in Australia, you can still download the art from Samsung’s digital storefront.

For something a little more portable, Samsung now has a second-generation Freestyle portable projector. This new model can work in tandem with another Freestyle to create a huge 160-inch picture, which is great for movie nights and gaming. You can even download a software update for the first-gen Freestyle to take advantage of this feature with the latest model.

All of the modern Samsung displays also adopt the slick Gaming Hub interface. Not only can you benefit from high refresh rates with minimal input lag, but you can also easily access Xbox Game Pass titles. Other than a controller and a stable internet connection, you don’t even need any additional hardware. No console or PC is required, as it’s all handled in the cloud.

AI-powered cleaning and kitchen appliances

AI in a vacuum cleaner sounds like a strange concept, but it makes perfect sense in practice. Samsung’s Bespoke Jet AI stick vacuum automatically detects different surface types to adjust suction power on the fly.

It’s a similar case with Samsung’s new washing and drying laundry appliances. AI technology helps determine the best settings per load, including detergent dosage, ensuring your clothes get thoroughly cleaned while the fabric is properly cared for.

Connected cooking appliances are a big area of growth for tech companies. One of the coolest and most helpful features coming from Samsung in this space is built-in oven cameras and AI technology to help you get the perfect roast. The company has even launched an app that uses AI to produce cooking recommendations and ease the load of meal planning.

This only tips the surface of what we saw at IFA, so be sure to check out our YouTube video for a full overview of the exciting smart home tech on the horizon.

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