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It’s not every day you get a gadget made for the local market, but with Samsung’s latest washing machine, Australians have definitely been considered.

This week, Samsung pulled a very large cloth off a very large appliance made for families with a very large amount of clothing to be washed, announcing that its latest washing machine was built and designed with research gleaned from spending time with Australian families.

In fact, according to Samsung’s 2015 research of washing machines, 56 percent of people have a need to wash in greater numbers than the 4 to 6 kilogram loads we’re regularly washing. Common sense suggests that larger families do more washing, but as it is, Australians are doing roughly five loads of washing per week.

And this is eating into our time, with the desire for a bigger washing machine playing into our upgrading needs. Most of us only upgrade the laundry machine when it’s on its last legs, but if it has the potential to save us time, an upgrade might arrive much faster than anticipated.

Samsung’s research wasn’t solely about washing loads, either, with forgotten items playing a bit part.


It’s not unusual to forget a sock or a pair of underwear here and there, and if you have a top loader, it’s fairly easy to get around this, opening the machine while the cycle is on and just adding the garment to the load.

But it’s not always that easy, and front-loading washing machines can’t quite pull that off, simply because of the possibility that the water may well be too high to open that front-door. As such, that extra garment means another wash has to be done as it is.

These two problems have led Samsung to two solutions, and while they’re not Australia-specific solutions, they are problems that have allowed Samsung’s local arm to make its way into an internationally designed and destined product.


The product in question is Samsung’s Ultra Large Capacity AddWash washing machine, a very large 16 kilogram washing machine that not only has an 8 kilogram dryer inside, but also arrives with a small door at the front that can — when the cycle is paused — open up to let you throw more clothes into a cycle that you might have missed.

An 8-inch LCD sits on the front of the machine (WD16J9845KG), allowing you to navigate washing and drying cycles with ease, with two physical buttons on the right edge.

While the power button is pretty obvious, the button underneath acts as pause, and when you press this, the cycle you’re in pauses and releases a triple-lock system, allowing you to push on the AddWash door, opening it up for your extra laundry.

With that done, closing the system up and pressing the pause button will continue the cycle, and away you go.