Samsung’s little big washing machine shows more is less

Everything’s getting smaller including home appliances, with Samsung announcing a new washing machine that packs a 10 kilogram load in a machine that normally handles much less.

Announced this week, the Samsung 10kg Front Load Bubble Wash WF1104XAC offers a 10 kilogram load in the body of an appliance normally designed to handle 7.5 kilograms.

Taking advantage of similar technology to Samsung’s cell insulation technology – Space – used to make the walls and casing of refrigerators thinner, the new 10 kilo washing machine can fit a bigger laundry load compartment in the physical dimensions of a smaller machine.

The new machine isn’t just good on space, though, with a speedy 15 minute Quick Timed Wash option for cleaning clothes quickly, as well as Samsung’s new Digital Inverter Motor Drum technology, useful for keeping the noise down when the machine is spinning.

Bubble Wash technology is also included in this model, as seen in the model name. Launched almost two years ago, Bubble Wash combines air and cold water to create a wash cycle that Samsung says provides the benefits of a warm water wash when you’re using cold water.

A colour LCD is also present on this model, as is a sensor that can work out the weight of the laundry thrown in and change the settings for that use.

Available now, the WF1104XAC can be found for $1,999 RRP with a 10 year warranty.