Samsung’s luxurious Chef fridge priced for Australia (and we can’t afford one)

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One of Samsung’s products announced earlier in the year at CES in Vegas is finally getting released in Australia, and unless you have a cool $12K laying around, you can’t afford it either.

If you have room for a lot of food and have a reasonable amount of money to spend on the appliance that houses this, a new model from Samsung is finally on its way to Australia after being announced earlier in the year.

The first member of the Samsung Chef Collection home appliances range is the Chef Collection Refrigerator, a massive 1028 litre fridge with offering more than just a place for your food and wine to be chilled, with some expertise on food from some of the world’s leaders in preparing dishes used in the engineering process.

“This product has been designed with the aim of revolutionising how food is stored, prepared and presented and we are looking forward to seeing how consumers embrace it,” said Mike Lilly, Head of Home Appliances for Samsung Electronics Australia.

“With amazing design and functionality at the forefront of the Chef Collection offering, we believe Australians will love the way this refrigerator can fit into the modern household.”

Built with expertise from Michelin rated chefs such as Michel Troisgros, Christopher Kostow, and Daniel Boulud, the Chef Collection fridge has been developed with the preservation and storage of food in mind, aimed at keeping food odours down, temperatures different based on proteins being stored, and storing as much as possible, while keeping some of the features in place that consumers will love.

For the food buffs out there, the new features include a triple cooling system for setting three specific zones up inside the fridge with independent temperatures, to make sure the meat, seafood, and beverages are all kept at specific temperature sets.

A “chef’s pantry” is also included, with a specific temperature setting for proteins like meat and fish, allowing them to be stored and chilled to minus one degree, while the “chef’s tray” is a small stainless steel tray built into the fridge for marinating things, with the tray able to be washed in a dishwasher.

There’s also a fridge built into the freezer which can be used as a fridge or a freezer depending on what you want, with four temperature settings selectable here, ranging from -23, -17, -1, and 5 degrees.

Samsung’s Space Max technology helps you maximise storage inside the fridge, and there are extension drawers in the freezer too, helping to get the most from that 1028 litres of space.

Consumers (who can afford it) will appreciate the inclusion of the SodaStream system, used in last year’s SRF890SWLS, a fridge that needed a name like this release, the Chef Collection Refrigerator. Like that model, this version includes the SodaStream gas canister, making it possible to take still water and turn it into sparkling from the fridge. An ice maker delivering crushed and cubed ice is also found here, too.

And then there’s the look and feel, with stainless steel across the fridge, and blue LED lights shining out of perforated holes in the body, a look that gives off a futuristic feel for a fridge released in 2014.

If this sounds like your idea of culinary storage heaven, you’ll want to consult that bank account as this fridge comes in at a whopping $11,999, with availability from select retailers in Australia shortly.