Samsung’s massive Odyssey Ark gaming monitor is for multitaskers and gamers alike

Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor horizontal
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An absolute behemoth: the best way to describe the upcoming Samsung Odyssey Ark display designed for gaming performance.

Fresh off releasing its new range of ViewFinity business and Odyssey gaming monitors, Samsung recently announced the Ark as another display option coming within the next few months. Standing at 55 inches, the 4K 1000R curved gaming monitor is large by monitor standards. Using a cutting-edge VA 165Hz panel, the Odyssey Ark features a rapid 1ms response time and is lit by Samsung’s Quantum Mini LED technology.

In addition to the standard landscape orientation, you can rotate the screen vertically, in what Samsung refers to as “Cockpit Mode”. This configuration enables three screens to be displayed on top of one another, while landscape allows for four. There’s a fair bit of customisation with the multitasking, too. Within the 55-inch monitor, you can tweak the screen size to be anywhere between 27 inches and the full size, plus swap between 16:9, 21:9 and 32:9 ratios.

Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor cockpit mode
Cockpit Mode in action

Behind the swift customisation options is a new controller Samsung has made exclusively for the Odyssey Ark: the Ark Dial. Solar-powered and chargeable via USB-C, the controller swaps between multitasking and screen size settings at a touch. It also grants access to the Game Bar, an overlay showing performance metrics like frames per second, and access to HDR and variable refresh rate options.

Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor Ark Dial controller
The Ark Dial controller.

From a visual perspective, the Odyssey Ark has a 178-degree viewing angle in both horizontal and vertical alignments. Its Matte Display also reduces pesky glare and reflections should you have to contend with natural light. Alongside the visual features, the monitor incorporates four speakers on each corner and two centrally-located woofers for an in-built surround sound experience that supports Dolby Atmos. Samsung claims that the resulting 60W 2.2.2 channel system produces the lowest 45Hz notes of any gaming soundbar or screen.

Although a precise release window and pricing have not yet been specified for Australia, we’re told to expect availability in the coming months. If you’re keen on a large gaming monitor, you can register your interest in the Odyssey Ark via the Samsung website.

It certainly looks like an impressive display, but the main question is that of price. Depending on the cost, you may well wonder if a reasonably priced TV would be a better option serving as a large monitor. Computer monitors tend to have less latency – therefore reduced input lag – than TVs, plus the vertical and horizontal modes of the Odyssey Ark could be nice-to-haves if the price is right.

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