Samsung’s next Galaxy smartphone to be announced on May 3

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has seen its fair share of rumours over the past few months, often competing with Apple’s iPhone for attention in the gadget news world. Now, it seems we’re closer than ever to seeing what Samsung has up its sleeves.

An invitation to a Samsung event has pretty much confirmed the next Galaxy handset will be announced, with the showing set to take place on May 3 in London. Shown on Samsung Mobile’s Twitter feed and prefaced with “Soon, you’ll meet the next galaxy,” it’s hard not to infer that the S3 will be shown for the first time.

Interestingly, it looks like some clues have been left by Samsung, similar to what Apple does when it issues invites for product announcements.

Of interest is the blobs of colour. The white puddle could indicate a user of ceramics in the build, a rumour we’ve heard before, and the blue brushed blob could suggest either a use of brushed coloured aluminium or brushed plastic.

Whatever it is, we’ll know in a couple of weeks.