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Samsung is returning to computers by embracing its love for tablets, and it’s good news if you fancy a computer that’s as thin and light as a Samsung smartphone.

The design and research team at Samsung has been making devices thinner and more elegant for a couple of years now, and while most of the work has been in the smartphone and tablet space, the big S is spreading out.

It’s not enough to build for simply want to consume content on tablets these days, because why consume when you create content, too.

With that in mind and the engineering team all energised from its time working on Samsung’s recent Galaxy inductees, the company has a new machine waiting in the arms made for people who like to work on the go, creating and consuming information while also pairing nicely if you happened to have bought one of those recent Samsung phones.


That’s the idea in Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S, a concept that delivers a thin and elegant metal framed computer with one of the slimmest designs you’ll find a Microsoft operating system on.

Starting with that size, Samsung has grabbed a 12 inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED panel, which essentially delivers 2160×1440 and roughly 216 pixels per inch, not far from what the iPad Pro achieves, so you won’t be peeping pixels here.

Under that massive sheet of brightly coloured LCD, you’ll find an Intel Core M processor from the sixth generation, making this machine quite up to date and paired with 4GB RAM and 128GB solid-state storage.

Interestingly, there’s no microSD slot to upgrade this, bringing things back to the way Samsung worked last year, but the company is hoping that won’t matter as much thanks to how dependent you’ll be with the cloud and shared storage, particularly if you already have a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.


If you can stick yourself in that category, Samsung’s Galaxy TabPro S includes the sort of harmony and cohesion with Samsung phones that Apple laptop owners get on the iPhone, with a piece of software called “Samsung Flow” that will connect the TabPro S to the phone for quick pairing and 4G tethering.

This simplicity of always making sure your computer is always connected could mean your files are easily accessed in the cloud, meaning more than 128GB isn’t necessarily as big a deal as you might think.

The Samsung Flow technology will also help for other reasons, such as delivering call notifications, texts, and other things that will normally come to your phone, except appear on the desktop of Windows 10.

Interestingly, it’s only on the Galaxy S7 for now and only on Samsung’s Windows 10-enabled Galaxy TabPro S, so if you have a different Samsung phone and a different Samsung tablet or computer, you’re out of luck for the moment, though Samsung’s representatives did tell GadgetGuy that tit could expand to other products later on.