The latest model in the NX range of Samsung cameras, and one boasting NFC, WiFi, and a “bump” feature for moving files across in an instant is here, with Samsung’s NX30 arriving in Australia.

Previewed earlier in the year, the NX30 looks to provide more than just a basic entry level camera for people keen to do more with their photography, which is something Samsung’s NX mount hasn’t really had many options for.

Aside for being a bigger camera for people who like them a touch more meaty, the NX30 includes a 1/8000 second shutter speed improving on the 1/4000 offered by other cameras, with as many as nine frames per second offered.

The sensor is set to 20.3 megapixels and capable of shooting between ISO 100 to 25600, with some fast auto-focus provided through an improved auto-focus system, while the viewing options can be handled through a 3 inch Super AMOLED multi-angle touchscreen and a bright electronic viewfinder that can even be positioned at an 80 degree angle for looking down through the camera up top.

Oh, and there’s also smarts, because that whole “smart camera” thing isn’t going away any time soon.

For that, you’ll find WiFi and Near-Field Communication support, with supported NFC devices being able to “bump” their respective phones to the camera for a speedy transmission, making the files instantly shareable when you’re on the go and reducing the need for the camera to support Android directly as Samsung tried in the Galaxy NX.

“The NX30 is testament to Samsung’s commitment to further developing our offering in the photographic category by providing a camera that can take amazing photos, offer improved connectivity to users, and a bundling of features that represent our most advanced photographic technology to date,” said Craig Gillespie, Head of Digital Imaging for Samsung Electronics Australia.