Samsung’s SmartThings Station is a Matter smart home hub and charger

Samsung SmartThings Station Matter hub CES 2023

It’s been a big CES 2023 for Samsung, and it keeps getting bigger following the announcement of the SmartThings Station, a device made to be an all-in-one smart home hub.

Taking on the form of a small square-shaped device, the SmartThings Station has interoperability at its core, in that it helps various smart home technologies work together seamlessly. It’s compatible with a range of devices, including those operating on the recently launched Matter technology, a smart home connection standard designed to make devices from different brands compatible with one another.

Also doubling as a 15W wireless charging pad, the SmartThings Station lets you easily top up your tech’s battery. Coming from Samsung, the hub naturally pairs nicely with a Galaxy smartphone that has the SmartThings app installed. In this instance, you can use your phone to perform the hub’s initial start-up procedure, with notifications guiding you through the process. Additionally, you can pair Matter devices to the SmartThings Station by simply scanning a QR code.

Enabling routines for your devices with SmartThings Station

While many smart home devices have their own apps and control centres – like ConnectLife for Hisense appliances – the SmartThings Station is an option to control everything in one place. According to Samsung, you can use the hub to create routines so your connected devices follow set instructions at dedicated times. Another method involves assigning routines to a manual button press. The hub supports up to three manual routines activated by button presses. The SmartThings Station has a Smart Button that supports different inputs: a short press, a long press, and a double press.

For example, you can assign one manual routine to be bedtime, where it turns off connected lights, closes blinds, and lowers your thermostat at the same time. Other routines suggested by Samsung include one that turns on your TV and dims the lights in preparation for a movie session, or another that turns off unused appliances and enables security for when you leave the house.

Samsung SmartThings compatible devices
Samsung wants to be the go-to destination for smart home devices, as pointed out by these cheery models

SmartThings Station also integrates with SmartThings Find to help you find devices around the house, like phones, earbuds, and Galaxy SmartTag-connected possessions. By using the hub, you can ring your phone to try and find it, or receive regular updates about connected devices.

Set to launch in the US and Korea first this February for US$59.99, we’re hoping to hear more about when Samsung’s smart home hub might arrive in Australia. As Matter adoption increases, having a centralised method of controlling connected tech will definitely come in handy.

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