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The latest computers are equipped with the latest ports, and one of these is the do-anything USB Type C port, with its reversible and harder to break connector. And now Samsung’s pint-sized external drive will work with it.

Last year’s solid-state solution from Samsung was a real game changer, with the electronics giant delivering one of the more impressive forms of a backup drive you could find.

While it wasn’t necessarily the cheapest thing around, it was clear from the get go that Samsung’s T1 SSD was something special, providing lightning fast speeds for speedy backups and a tiny and lightweight form-factor that made it easy to do this anywhere you went.

But one thing Samsung didn’t have going for it was an easy and simple connection for new tablets and laptops. That’s one thing the new breed of tablets and laptops share, with the port technology that is USB Type C something that makes them more suitable for portable work.


This one port acts as a charger for laptops and tablets, and as a way of sending out video like an HDMI port, and again like a way of transferring data.

In many ways, USB Type C (and its Thunderbolt 3 port) are the magic ports laptop owners have long wanted, with a cable that does everything, and it does it on computers on both the Windows and Mac side, as well as a few phones here and there, too.


Samsung’s T1 SSD wasn’t ready for the USB Type C revolution.


Last year, though, Samsung’s T1 SSD wasn’t quite ready for the new port, going with the USB 3.0 flat port hard drives have for ages, and while you could use it with the USB Type C ports through a special connector, it wasn’t remarkably convenient.

Fortunately, Samsung has a fix, and it’s coming in the form of a new drive.

That drive is the Samsung T3, a version of the T1 that takes pretty much the same storage from the first drive and plonks it into a more durable aluminium enclosure, pairing it with a USB Type C port.


The drive runs at speeds of up to 450MB per second, so nothing has changed there, and it’s still super light, weighing in at 51 grams and yet supporting drops of up to two metres thanks to the internal frame and metal casing, different from the plastic encasing the original unit.

The storage also goes a little deeper in this model, providing amounts of either 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, and as much as 2TB depending on if you need that much space.