SanDisk moves to metal with new USBs

You can’t help but admire it when companies opt for metal in their gadgets over plastic. Sure, plastic is soft and friendly to touch, but metal often oozes quality, and it’s for this reason why SanDisk is making new sticks with metal in mind.

One of the leaders in flash storage, the latest USB stick line-up from SanDisk takes a USB 3.0 stick with between 8 and 32GB, and throws it inside a wrapper of metal with a key-hole up top.

With metal used in its construction, SanDisk has told us that the key is more durable, and offers a five year warranty to go with it.

“With a large portfolio of product lines, we cater to a wide range of consumers from students to professionals who demand high performance USB flash drives,” said SanDisk’s George Saad, Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

SanDisk isn’t the first company to use metal in its construction of USB sticks. We’ve certainly seen (and even own) products from Lexar that use metal in their USB key design, as well as a bunch of other companies doing it, too.

As to why SanDisk have started, a representative for company told us that “in choosing a metal design, [SanDisk] are also able to cater to those seeking a more luxurious and sleek look, while still ensuring maximum protection.”

Pricing for the new range starts at $11.50 for 8GB, with the biggest – a 32GB drive – hitting stores for a recommended retail price of $35.