SanDisk offers free encryption and backup software for USB drives

Everyone needs to back up their data, but keeping prying eyes from looking at their files in the event of a loss is just as important, and that’s where SanDisk’s new software comes in handy.

Available to owners of SanDisk USB drives, the free SecureAccess software affords users the ability to encrypt their data with 128-bit encryption software, as well as backup to a 2GB storage solution online.

Sadly, you can’t just go down to your local store and pick up any old USB drive to make use of the backup software as SanDisk flash drives are a requirement here. From what we hear, however, any recent SanDisk drive will work.

SanDisk’s SecureAccess software will encrypt files in such a way that only the program will be able to read the files, not even Windows Explorer or Mac’s Finder.

To make use of it, simply head to SanDisk’s website, download the software’s zip file, and unzip to your SanDisk USB drive.

Once it’s on your drive, run SecureAccess from the flash key and you’ll have access to an easy to use encryption software. Simply drag a file into the SecureAccess window for the program to encrypt it, letting only people with access to your password view the files.

While the software is available for both Mac OS and Windows PC, it’s a shame that SanDisk didn’t include the software on the new drives out of their boxes. Despite this, it’s one of the easier encryption solutions to use.