SanDisk unleashes the world’s biggest upgrade for your mobile phone

Smartphones with a slot for microSD have one thing over those that don’t have them: upgradability, and with a microSD slot inside, you can expand on the 16 or 32GB you were given in the first place. SanDisk is making that happen in a big way, with 128GB now a possible upgrade.

SanDisk’s newbie to its product line-up in Australia is a newbie for many parts of the world, with the first microSDXC that goes beyond the 64GB mark, bringing 128GB to the table.

Previously, devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 were rated to support the high-capacity standard, but there was no availability on the products locally that is until today, where SanDisk has announced that the 128GB microSDXC should be hitting stores this week with a recommended retail price of $199.

“The new SanDisk Ultra microSDXC card again demonstrates how SanDisk continues to expand the possibilities of storage so that consumers can benefit from our latest technology advancements,” said George Saad, SanDisk’s Country Manager for the Australia and New Zealand region.

“With 128GB of removable storage, consumers will enjoy the freedom to capture and save whatever they want on a smartphone or tablet, without worrying about running out of storage space.”

For those keeping track at home who need actual numbers for what a 128GB card can hold, SanDisk says this includes “16 hours of Full HD, 7500 songs, 3200 photos, and more than 125 apps,” though what you store on it may be different from everyone else.

And that’s on top of the memory you already have in your device.

The microSDXC card should be compatible with most phones being released at the moment, as well as any device made to support the microSD standard — we’re looking at you, Microsoft Surface Pro 2 — and should even work in a microSD to SD card converter, bringing the storage to a device supporting standard SD cards.

It should also be compatible with smartphone cameras able to capture in 4K Ultra HD, thanks to the Class 10 and UHS-1 ranked speed, which puts it on par with many of the high-end SD cards out there.

SanDisk’s 128GB Ultra microSDXC is available in stores now for $199.