Sanity’s LOADIT online music store now open – more than 1 million tracks to choose from

Sanity Entertainment, Australia’s largest independent music retailer, today announced the launch of the first online music subscription service in Australia for Microsoft’s Windows Media Player. For only AU$29 a month, subscribers can download up to 300 music tracks each month, which equates to 3,600 tracks per year.

The Sanity LOADIT music store is built into Microsoft’s Windows Media Player 11 and boasts over one million music tracks that listeners can access from up to three PCs and two portable media players, so they can enjoy their music in the office, in their home or on the move. Consumers are invited to try a free 14-day trial, by downloading up to 300 songs, to see just how easy and convenient the service can be. Those signing up for a 12-month plan are eligible for a free portable music player to keep their tunes with them wherever they go. LOADIT also gives users the freedom to buy as well as subscribe, a first in Australia.

“The Sanity LOADIT service is a natural extension of our music stores and makes online music even more accessible for the masses – it’s a rich, vibrant and easy-to-use experience that reflects the excitement of our stores,” said Ray Itaoui, CEO Sanity Entertainment. “The service will also give consumers freedom and choice because it lets you listen to vast amounts of music across many different personal music players.”

For a monthly fee of only $29 – less than the price of two CDs – you’ll be able to access up to 300 new tracks each and every month,” Itaoui added.

Sanity LOADIT music service

The Sanity LOADIT service is supported by Optus using a high bandwidth connection to the World Wide Web providing Sanity LOADIT customers with an awesome download experience. This translates into an unsurpassed experience for customers wishing to search, discover and enjoy new music.

Available directly through Windows Media Player 11, the new Sanity LOADIT service will be faster and more searchable than existing online music stores.

“The vast majority of PCs use Windows Media Player, and it has become one of the most popular ways for people to enjoy digital music,” said John Gillhespy, Consumer Partner Development Manager, Microsoft Australia. “Using Sanity LOADIT is like adding an entire music store to your PC that offers access to all the music you could want, 24×7, along with information on bands and playlists.”

Sanity subscribers can use ‘Plays For Sure’ and ‘Windows Vista Certified’ devices with the new Sanity service. The service provides easy and fast transfer to compatible portable devices, which include personal music players made by Samsung, Creative, and SanDisk, from prices as low as $79. A full list of compatible devices is available on the Sanity LOADIT site.

LOADIT kiosks

Launched in conjunction with Sanity’s evolution of its in-store experience, the service will soon take advantage of the LOADIT Kiosk retail network that Sanity has deployed. FUJIFILM have been an active partner with LOADIT for over 18 months and recently entered a three-year agreement to supply and support music kiosk solutions into retail environments. FUJIFILM are Australia’s leading supplier of digital photo kiosks with nearly 6,000 digital photo centres installed in more than 750 stores.

Dave Marshall, FUJIFILM’S Australasian Managing Director, said, “Our retail experience in managing electronic networks that deliver digital content via kiosks made Sanity a natural business partner. We are excited to be working with Sanity LOADIT to support the new integrated digital music solutions for our retail partners.”

Sanity’s LOADIT service is available starting today, Thursday 14 August.

Source: Sanity