Santa goes on the radar, track the man in red on Christmas Eve

If you doubted that the big man in red would be making his deliveries this Christmas, think again, with the power of the internet giving kids everywhere the opportunity to see Santa in action.

Powered by the North American Aerospace Defence command program, the “NORAD Tracks Santa” website is the latest update to a program that has been tracking Santa Claus since 1955.

Fifty years ago, kids had to call up NORAD to find out where Santa was at that moment from Defence Command staff.

These days, Google helps out, throwing in its Google Earth technology to offer live real-time tracking as Santa’s ultra-fast flying-reindeer sled crosses the planet. If you have Google Earth installed, head to the NORAD page on Christmas Eve to see the man in red take his trip.

An app is also available for both iPhone and Android, in case you’re out and about when the big man starts his journey.

Meanwhile, to see what we’re talking about, check the video below.