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Lyn and Jennie, who won a competition to spend 30 days travelling from Brisbane to Alice Springs, hosted by About Seniors and using BigPond Wireless Broadband and a Telstra Next G phone to record their adventure. This is a little of their story.

?Blogs? are online diaries that anyone can create, thanks to services like BigPond?s ? a service that offers all you need to start blogging.

Lyn?s blog can be found at and details all of their Top End adventures.

Day 1

Starting out from Brisbane

The open road, that?s for me! The delightfully liquid calls of flocks of birds drowned out some of the constant motorway noise. Road trains 53 metres long, brolgas dancing by the roadside, a young emu chick and a late-rising kangaroo were spotted along the way.

Day 14

The wonders of Kakadu

Our next stop was Kakadu and first on our list was the Yellow Waters wetland. You may see an occasional crocodile floating like a log, until a snap of its jaws gives the game away. There are masses of floating water lilies where jacana birds can be seen stepping daintily from one lily pad to another. Dancing brolgas, flocks of magpie geese and many smaller birds flit in and out of the low lying mist. It is truly a magical place. As one of the traditional owners has said, ?If you respect the land, then you will feel the land. Your experience will be one that you cannot get anywhere else in the world.?

Day 15

Lazing at Litchfield

With all the magnificent scenery of Kakadu fresh in our minds, and with plans to return and explore more fully, we set off for the water wonderland of Litchfield. The stream by which we were walking trickled and grew and by the time it reached the precipice at the top of the falls it was flowing swiftly. Several boardwalks made for easy access and further down the track the woodland slid into a beautiful patch of monsoon forest under the shelter of the tall cliff face. Walks like this one make one realise the fragility of the environment and how special areas like this are. Back at the lower area the sun was lighting up the pool area and it looked much more inviting. Swimmers were now enjoying the cool water in the relative warmth of the day.

Day 20

Darwin: magnificent markets and more

Darwin, the city of leisure and sunshine, is also the city of markets. As the sun slowly sinks to the horizon hundreds of people flock to the Mindil beach market, chairs and eskies in tow. Waiting, watching for those minutes of glory and the brilliant burst of pink and orange, the marvel of a Darwin sunset.