ScreenPlay 7210


When we get to the $10,000 mark, we also get into DLP territory. In fact, the Infocus ScreenPlay 7210 projector features the DarkChip3, the latest in DLP technology. This offers the usual 1,280 by 720 pixels of resolution and excellent colour performance. While Infocus only claims a contrast ratio of 2,800:1, it does in fact turn out very respectable black levels.

Even though the projector is quite compact, and has an integrated carry handle, it is really best properly installed because it lacks a lens shift feature. So get the room geometry right and fix the projector to the ceiling in the correct position. The Carl Zeiss lens offers a moderate 1.25:1 zoom range, while the video processing is the highly regarded DCDi from Faroudja.

It has lots of inputs, including two sets of component video and a HDMI/DVI compatible M1 socket for unadulterated digital video.

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