Seagate FreeAgent Go – the ideal place to store your holiday snaps

Ideal for: Digital music and movie junkies, students, day-to-day PC users

Price: $169 (250GB), $189 (320GB), $369 (500GB)

More info:

Everybody needs an external USB hard drive now, it’s as simple as that. You probably figured this out years ago, so now’s your chance to give the gift of freedom to a friend. As 2.5 inch hard drive capacities continue to increase, so too do these ultraportable drives.

Unlike a big 3.5 inch external drive, the FreeAgent Go uses a notebook drive so it only needs a single USB cable to work: no auxiliary power required.

Functionality here is basic (there’s some backup software included) but the style really suits the iPod generation. Those little pinpricks on the case light up when the drive is working.

The FreeAgent Go comes in silver, blue, black and red and you can get a dock for it as well for about $30. This lets the drive stand upright, iPod-style.

In a world where everything from your TV to your games console to your AV receiver and car stereo has a USB input now, there’s just no excuse not to carry (or backup) all your most precious files on a slim and sexy little drive like this!