External storage is one of those things we all have to have, but this year, it’s getting a little more stylish, a little more rugged, and a little thinner, so now you just have to work out what style you want for your computer.

Earlier in the year, Seagate showed off a few drives that really grabbed our attention, with solutions from LaCie’s design focused brand embracing Corning’s scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass in one drive while another turned to rugged casing and RAID back-ups on the inside. Meanwhile, the consumer focused world of Seagate instead turned to the cordless cloud and put the external hard drive on a diet.

These drives amount to five products, and while we checked them out earlier in the year at CES, we now know that they’re all arriving roughly now with the exception of one.


Seagate’s main three are definitely landing on shelves this week, with the ultra-thin Seagate Seven 500GB drive the first to do so, an external drive that has amassed design awards and carries a depth of 7mm, making it a positively slim spot of external storage.

This one will cost a little more than your conventional notebook external, hitting a recommended retail price of $189.


Next are two drives focused on being wireless and connected without the cords, arriving in the Seagate Wireless (above), a 500GB portable drive that streams media to smartphones and tablets for $189, and the Seagate Personal Cloud.