Seagate’s WiFi external drive arrives, iPad and Android users rejoice

Struggling with the capacity size your tablet comes with? You’re not the only one, and Seagate hopes it has the solution in the GoFlex Satellite wireless hard drive.

Battery powered and good for 5 hours of real-time use with up to a day of standby, the GoFlex Satellite offers 500GB of storage over WiFi for tablets, smartphones, and laptop computers.

The release of the GoFlex comes at a time when consumers are aching for more storage in tablets, a problem that is especially noticeable in Apple’s range of products, where the storage sizes can’t be upgraded and you’re stuck with the initial size you bought. Android users get a little more choice in this way, with tablets such as the Asus Eee Pad

Transformer and the Toshiba AT100 tablet offering upgradeable memory over microSD, SD cards, and USB ports.

Seagate’s GoFlex Satellite aims to free customers from these problems, affording consumers the ability to view movies, listen to music, look at images, and read documents from the hard drive wirelessly.

Before being used, files have to be moved over to the hard drive over USB from a desktop or a laptop. Luckily, USB 3.0 is supported out of the box, offering high speed USB transfers through computers supporting the third version of USB, while being backwards compatible with everything else. You can’t move files from the tablet to the hard drive yet, although Seagate told us that this is something it’s looking into for future releases.

Our unboxing is above, but customers wanting to experience the GoFlex Satellite can do so from today, with the hard drive arriving in stores for $219 and apps available for iPad, iPhone, and Android-based devices.