Security tip: the last thing people think about

Cyber Security Awareness Week 2012 technically finished up yesterday, but we forgot to mention something, and it is, ironically, the last thing anyone ever thinks about.

While most of us know that the easiest thing we can do to protect ourselves is to keep a current subscription to an internet security product, what we never seem to think about are our habits.

“People often forget about the basics, like maintaining safe internet habits,” said Sam Bryce-Johnson, Pre-sales Engineer for Kaspersky Lab’s Australian and Zealand division. “Spam or unsolicited emails can have the potential to contain, or link to, malicious content and websites, [and] safe internet habits extend to remaining vigilant to social engineering scams as well.”

Specifically, these social engineering scams have been popping up and trapping people recently, thanks to the phone calls from people pretending to be from Microsoft, among other companies.

“If users maintain their anti-virus and remain diligent in their use of the internet, then they’ll be protected from both malware-based threats and any social engineering scams cyber criminals might throw at them,” said Mr. Bryce-Johnson.