Select – The best tech ads of the year

We at GadgetGuy are always online, and our web travels bring us into contact with some really cool videos, websites, photos and other random stuff that’s just too good to keep to ourselves. That’s where “Select” comes in, a collection of handpicked highlights from the web that satisfies the peculiar brand of arcane geekness that presides here at GadgetGuy HQ.

Because the first GadgetGuy Select makes its debut at the end of 2011, we’ve assembled what we think are the best technology commercials of the year.  They’ll make you laugh, make you sing, and possibly make you take pictures. Take a look.

Apple iPhone 4S “Santa” Siri

Santa can’t know everything… he has to deliver toys to billions of children. So who does he turn to? The smartphone of smartphones, of course.

BGH Quick Chef Music

There’s much to love about a quirky appliance, and there’s nothing more off-beat than a music-playing microwave. This one comes with a bloke singing about pumpkin puree.

NTT Docomo wood phone

And while we’re on the subject of music, how about an ad that took four days to shoot and turned a forest into a xylophone? That’s pretty cool.

Samsung Galaxy S2 “Next Big Thing”

Samsung’s playful take on people standing in line for the “it” phone is excellent. Even more excellent would be finding someone who doesn’t know what company is being lampooned in this ad.

Best Buy “Outdated World”

From one of America’s biggest electronics retailers, this Best Buy ad has real resonance with shoppers and their collective frustration about being left behind by technology.

I AM Nikon Cinema Ad

Our final ad is part of Nikon’s “I AM” campaign, with the beautiful cinematography on show here underscoring just how powerful an image can be. It really makes you want to go out and take pictures… and eat the cake that Jamie Oliver makes. And maybe go to a Robbie Williams concert.

OK, we’re leaving now.

Or maybe not. There’s one more tech ad to see out the end of 2011…

Star Wars: The Old Republic Times Square Freeze Mob

Flash mobs are all the rage right now, and a Star Wars flash mob just can’t be topped.