Sennheiser IE 6, IE 7 and IE 8 Professional headphone series

Sennheiser is launching its Professional headphone series – a range that benefits from all the stage experience Sennheiser has acquired over the years.

The ear-canal phones IE 6 (pictured above), IE 7 and IE 8 offer the greatest attenuation with unparalleled sound quality in the portable sector – an advantage for anyone who likes to listen to music with as much precision and detail as possible.

The concept behind the IE 6, IE 7 and IE 8 is also something special. They use dynamic transducers that cover the entire frequency range with one system. This means distortion is minimal, even with high sound pressure levels.

Good attenuation enhances precise reproduction; the top-of-the-range IE 8 can reach up to 26 dB. Ear adapters in different sizes ensure the IE headphones fit your ear canal perfectly, are comfortable to wear and attenuate ambient noise very effectively. As well as a transport case, the professional accessories also include a small cleaning tool and a cable clip.

IE 6: For bass enthusiasts

The IE 6 offers a huge amount of bass for listeners of contemporary rock or pop music. With passive attenuation up to 20 dB and a frequency response of 10 to 18,000 Hz, the silver and black ear-canal headphones take this very accurate and defined sound right into your ear.

IE 7: The neutral offering

Sennheiser IE 7

With a frequency response of 10 to 19,000 Hz and attenuation up to 20 dB, the black IE 7 produces a more balanced, natural sound. Particular importance has been attached to good reproduction at the top end.

IE 8: For sound techies

Sennheiser IE 8With the top-of-the-range IE 8, you decide for yourself how much bass your ear-canal headphones should reproduce. A small adjusting screw on the black headphones enables you to regulate the bass response on the IE 8 to suit.

The frequency response ranges from 10 to 20,000 Hz, and passive attenuation can be up to 26 dB. At the same time, the large number of different ear adapters means the headphones fit the ear canal as snugly as possible. Also within the transport case are some small replaceable pads with a drying agent to protect your earphones from any moisture.

All the models in the IE range are remarkable because of their robust and functional design. The cables are strengthened with Kevlar and the headphones are made from durable materials.

Price and availability

The IE6, IE 7 and IE8 ear-canal headphones will be available from November 2008. The pricing is as follows:

  • IE 6: $299.95 RRP
  • IE 7: $399.95 RRP
  • IE 8: $599.95 RRP

Source: Sennheiser