Sennheiser PC 30 Headset

Voice over IP (VoIP) is a fantastic way for your father to save money on phone calls, and the simplest way to get into VoIP initially is through Skype. If you plan on teaching your father about Skype, or if he’s already into it, then he’s going to need a decent headset. The PC 30 is an affordable Skype headset that doubles as very capable stereo headphones for when he just wants to listen to music. It plugs into the audio output ports on the PC or notebook computer.

Accompanying this headset, a lesson in the use of Skype might not go astray. Spend a few minutes setting up an account for him, and he’ll never go back (although once he realises that Skype calls are free, you may never be able to get rid of him).

The Sennheiser PC 30 Headset sells for $50 RRP.