Sennheiser launches USB mic for content creators wanting simplicity

Sennheiser Profile USB microphone launch

In a boon for content creators and audio enthusiasts, Sennheiser recently launched the Profile USB microphone, with ease of use a core function.

It’s a cardioid condenser mic, which focuses on audio sources directly in front of it while reducing noise picked up from other directions. Inside is Sennheiser’s award-winning KE 10 condenser capsule, supporting the mic’s ability to produce clear audio.

By itself, the Profile USB microphone retails for $239, with the option of a Profile Streaming Set bundle including the mic and a boom arm for $349. This makes it a bit more expensive than the popular Blue Yeti microphone popular among content creators but similarly priced to devices from Rode and Audio Technica.

Sennheiser Profile USB microphone features

Audio setups can be as simple or as complex as you want. Combined with all the other inputs commonly used by streamers, it can make for an overwhelming system if you’re starting out. According to Sennheiser product manager Benny Franke, simplicity is the focus here.

“When you are recording your podcast or doing a live stream, you already have to worry about the content, perhaps room treatment, the camera set-up, interaction with your audience – the last thing you need in this situation is a complex audio set-up,” Franke said. “So we tried to create tech that gets out of the way of your creative process.”

In line with this easy-to-use ethos, the Profile mic adopts a plug-and-play approach. All you need to do is plug the device into your computer or tablet’s USB-C port, and it’s ready to go. Several functions located on the microphone help you make adjustments on the fly, like a mute button, gain controls, and mix controls to tweak the levels of your voice and the attached device. It also has a 3.5mm jack so you can monitor audio levels using headphones.

Sennhieser Profile USB mic controls
The controls on Sennheiser’s new content creation mic.

Another handy on-device feature is the Profile USB microphone’s LED status lights. When green, everything is ready and good to go. If the gain is too high and your voice is clipping, a yellow light activates, so you know to turn down the volume. Red, of course, means you’re on mute.

Sennheiser’s team also gave some tips on how to get the most out of the mic. To make the most of the Profile USB microphone’s natural warm sound, place it within 15cm of your mouth or whatever you’re recording. The company recommends the boom arm included in the Streaming Set for best positioning, but it’s not the only option. With 3/8” and 5/8” connectors, you can also use compatible third-party boom arms, which you can find from online retailers for reasonable prices.

Available now online, the Sennheiser Profile USB microphone pushes the brand further into the content creation space, expanding on the company’s renowned audio gear.

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