Sennheiser RS Series wireless headphones

Making their debut at the recent IFA show in Berlin, the three new, wireless headphone sets from Sennheiser use 2GHz, lossless transmission technology – dubbed ‘Kleer’ – to provide the highest quality wireless audio in your home, according to the company.

The transmitters are very small, with the unit for the RS160 (pictured, $350) tiny enough to be used with an MP3 player or phone. Styled in black, silver and anthracite, the headphones house dynamic transducers with neodymium magnets that produce a frequency response of 18-21,000 Hz and sound pressure level of 110 decibels.

The Kleer technology claims a signal-to-noise ratio of 85 dBA and will transmit up to 100 metres for the high-end model, the $560 RS180 (up to 20m for the entry-level RS 160 and 60m for the RS170, which is priced at $450.

The lower two models are ‘closed’ type units, while the RS180 is ‘open’, aimed at ‘sound purists’.