Seppeltsfield Barossa launches ‘tap and go’ tech to protect your wine

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‘Tap and Go’ anti-counterfeit technology is coming to your wine. An Australian first, historic wine estate Seppeltsfield Barossa is making it possible to confirm a bottle’s authenticity and check if it has been tampered with.

With the rise in counterfeit luxury goods, the technology can provide added confidence for international and local customers.

Warren Randall, Executive Chairman, Seppeltsfield Barossa, explains: “…it is very important we are at the forefront of innovation, so we are taking a proactive approach and investing in technology to ensure wine authenticity.” 

How the NFC Vintail works

At the heart of the system is the ‘NFC Vintail’. This is a special adhesive label that is infused with a tiny microchip chip and circuitry. Using ‘rolling code’ technology, the chip contains a unique ID number for each bottle.

By tapping a compatible iPhone or Android handset to the Vintail, it securely transfers its unique ID to the phone, which then checks it against an online register.

The system uses the same wireless Near Field Communication (NFC) technology found in ‘tap and go’ bank cards and contactless mobile phone payments.

If you have an iPhone XS, XR or XS Max, or recent Android phone with NFC, there’s no additional software needed to validate your wine. Otherwise, a free NFC reader app can be downloaded to your phone to connect with the Vintail.

Tamper proof

The Vintail can also detect if a bottle has been opened or tampered with. As opening the bottle breaks part of the Vintail’s circuitry, this registers that the cap’s seal has been broken. 

Once tapped, you can also browse information about the wine including the vintage, varietal, region, vineyard location, oak maturation, winemaker and bottling date.  You can even browse a 360 degree areal video of the vineyard.

Seppeltsfield’s 2017 ‘The Westing’ and ‘The Northing’ Barossa Shiraz are the first products to feature the NFC Vintail authentication technology.

The Vintail technology was developed by YPB Group, an Australian-based “brand protection and retail engagement” specialist. YPB Group Australian CEO John Houston said the technology was an Australian first for the wine industry.

Seppeltfield’s 2017 ‘The Westing’ and ‘The Northing’ Barossa Shiraz are the first varietals to include the NFC Vintail protection. They can be purchased through Seppeltsfield Cellar Door or from Qantas Wine for $55 RRP. Expect to see other Seppeltsfield wines supporting the anti-counterfeit technology near future.

Seppeltsfield Barossa estate in the Barossa Valley
Located on the ‘Western Ridge’ of the Barossa Valley, Seppeltsfield combines over 420 acres of ancient vineyard, gardens and heritage-listed architecture.

Seppeltsfield’s 2017 ‘The Westing’ and ‘The Northing’ Barossa Shiraz have been inspired by the Barossa Grape & Wine Association’s ‘Barossa Grounds’ project. 

“The project celebrates a story of diversity through climate, soil, landscape, grower and winemakers that come together to create a tapestry of colours, aromas and textures.”

For more information, visit the Seppetlsfield Barossa website here.