Sharp Air purifiers 2020 with ion Plasmacluster

Sharp Air purifiers
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Sharp may not be a name you associate with air purifiers. Let me tell you that Sharp Air purifiers 2020 with ion Plasmacluster are among the best performing we have tested.

Sharp has been around a very long time – since 1912. I fondly remember Sharp quality in its ‘transistor radios’ and more.

But like many large Japanese companies, it fell on hard times over the past decade. In 2016 it ended up largely owned by Taiwan OEM Foxconn. Today it is an iconic brand that you see on TVs, refrigerators, audio and more. Recently Sharp bought its Dynabook notebook name back from Toshiba.

It is a brand that you will hear more from.

What are Sharp Air Purifiers 2020 with ion Plasmacluster?

Ion Plasmacluster does several things but in general turns bad ozone (O3) into good oxygen (O2) and enables Hydrogen to mix with oxygen to make water (H20). It is not a humidifier, but it will stabilise the humidity at about 40% that is ideal for skin hydration.

Ion Plasmacluster

It has a high density ‘25000’ series that refers to the number of ions it can convert in 1m3 of air. Ditto for the ‘7000’ series.

What does ion Plasmacluster really do?

According to lab tests (two models 25000 and 7000) in a 25m3 room (3 x 3 x 2.8m)

Ion Plasmacluster
  • Eliminated airborne mould spores in 201/635 minutes (absorbed Hydrogen from the spores killing them)
  • Suppressed mould growth after eight days
  • Removed over 99% of airborne virus in 9/18 minutes (filter and Plasmacluster)
  • Suppressed virus adhering to surfaces after 7.5/10 hours
  • Suppressed airborne bacteria after 14/51 minutes
  • Cleaned the air (99.97% to PM3) and removed noxious gasses and odours
  • Suppressed airborne allergens after 14/51 minutes
  • Eliminated lingering tobacco odours in 30/90 minutes
  • Reduced static electricity
  • Has a hydrating effect on the skin

GadgetGuy cannot test these results. They were all conducted by independent test labs and institutions. The tests tally with our limited scientific knowledge and experience. The result – ion Plasmacluster does help to disinfect the air.

Sharp makes no claims about COVID-19 effectiveness.

Sharp sent us three of its new 2020 Sharp Air Purifiers with ion Plasmacluster for the test.

These are preliminary results and will be updated after further use. (Prices and weblinks are from Bing Lee but also available from Harvey Norman)

  • FP-J30J/7000 for 22m2 (66m3 or 5 x 5 m) – approx. $299
  • FP-J50J/7000 for 40m2 (120m3 or 6.3 x 6.3m) – approx. $449
  • FX-J80J/25000  for 62m2 (186m3 or 7.9 x 7.9m) – approx. price $749
Sharp Air purifiers

Replacement filters range from $70-100.

Common features

All use a replaceable pre-filter, HEPA filter and activated carbon filter. This captures 99.97% air detritus to Particular Matter 3 and gasses. You can vacuum filters to extend life. The unit will tell you when its time to replace them. These have an exceptionally long life of 17,500 (sleep mode) or two years.

Sharp does not publish Clear Air Delivery Rates (CADR) instead nominating room sizes. From the tests, we gather that they clean the air at least two times per hour – well within industry averages.

12-months warranty and there is an Australian and New Zealand service hotline


Sharp Air purifiers

It is cute, bedroom-sized and very quiet <30dB.

Settings include

  • Timer 4 or 8hrs
  • Mode: Night, fan 1 and fan 2

Power use ranges from .6W standby, 10-30W (Auto to fan 3) and 50W for a ‘Clean Ion Shower’ setting. Over 24 hours on Auto it averaged about 10Wh – almost nothing to run.

It is meant for floor placement but could go on a desktop. As it is only 431 x 211 x 411mm x 4.2kg, it presents no falling danger for children.

The air top exhausts – it is not a fan.


Sharp Air purifiers

This will purify most larger Australian bedrooms and lounges.

Settings include

  • Timer 2, 4, or 8 hours
  • Fan – Auto, sleep, 1 and 2
  • Clean Ion Shower
  • Dim or turn off the indicator lights
  • A visual indicator from Blue to orange and red for air quality

It also has light and odour sensors.

Power use ranges from .9W standby, 15-40W (Auto to fan 3) and 51W for a ‘Clean Ion Shower’ setting. Over 24 hours on Auto it averaged about 15Wh or 11 cents.

It is floor standing at 390 x 270 x 583 x 6.4kg. It has a lifting handle for easy movement. When we apply a 20kg weight to one side (like a solid toddler using it to stand), the unit will topple, but it is not heavy enough to cause damage.

The air top exhausts – it is not a fan.


Sharp Air purifiers

This is the current flagship and has a 20° baffle for rear and upwards air movement. It also leverages the Coandă effect taking more surrounding air with it. In theory, it sets up a cyclical air movement that brings more lower-level air to it.

It adds a handy PM digital readout as well as power use in watts. Unlike the 7000 ion units this you can also clean the ion unit. It has an approximate life of 17,500 hours in total and is user replaceable.

Settings include

  • Timer up to 12 hours
  • Auto, sleep, pollen removal, fan 1, 2, and 3
  • Clean air monitor from blue to red
  • Dust and Odour (gas) monitors
  • Light sensor
  • Clean Ion Shower
  • Dim or turn off the indicator lights
  • Child Lock

Power use ranges from 1.3W standby, 4-28W (Auto to fan 2) and 48W for a ‘Clean Ion Shower’ setting. Over 24 hours on Auto it had a lower power use than the FP-J50J. Although all are power misers.

It is floor standing at 416 x 291 x 728 x 10.6kg. It has side lift handles for easy movement. When we apply a 20kg weight to one side (like a solid toddler using it to stand), the unit resists toppling, but it is not heavy enough to cause damage.

GadgetGuy’s take

Sharp Air purifiers 2020 with ion Plasmacluster add that little extra

Tempo is reintroducing the Sharp brand to Australia. You won’t find much online just yet as the website is under construction. It is available from Bing Lee, Appliances Online, JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman. Avoid unauthorised grey market resellers as the Tempo warranty only applies to its products.

I like different things about the three models.

Baby air purifier FP-J30J is terrific and quiet for bedroom use. Put it on Auto and let it go 24/7.

Sharp FP-J30J

Mid-size FP-J50J at $450 is a bargain that will suit a larger bedrooms and smaller lounges.

Sharp FP-J50J

But the gem is FX-J80J. Left on auto it costs very little to run and does the job flawlessly. It has the ‘legs’ to use in larger open spaces.

Sharp FX-J80J

And all have ion Plasmacluster. Regardless of whether it is a marketing term or not it does seem to add a level of clean that other standard air purifiers don’t.

We have reviewed a lot of air purifiers, and all do what they promise. We are going to give the range an average of 4.5/5 with the knowledge that the FX-J80J is probably worth a point or so more.

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Adds Ion Plasmacluster tech to air purifiers for cleaner air
Ion Plasmacluster also creates water to help keep humidity stable
Power misers - designed for 24/7 use
Extremely long-life, low-cost filters
None really