Sharp AX-1500JS SuperSteam Oven – healthy technology

Combining ‘SuperSteam’, convection, steam and microwave technology into one unit, the Sharp AX-1500JS SuperSteam Oven is a 1450 watt counter-top cooker that wants to help you eat more healthily.

Sharp’s SuperSteam cooking superheats steam to 300-degrees Celsius then throws it around inside the oven using convection, which can apparently crisp food without oil.

So much heat delivered all at once results in quick cooking with less fat and salt, as the salt is absorbed by the steam and condenses out, according to Sharp, but retains the nutritional content of the food. Operation is simple via the LCD screen, with 42 preset programs for the most popular food.

The oven comes with three cooking trays, plus a special ‘SuperSteam cookbook’ of 50 recipes for inspiration.

The Sharp AX-1500JS SuperSteam Oven of $1,649.