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If you have someone sitting around you who happens to be particularly odourous, the Sharp KCA60JW can help out there, too, stopping their smells around where you are, which is a nicer way of saying “you smell, go away.


As for whether you need it, that’s going to come down to whether you have the almost thousand dollars to spend on this sort of technology, but if anything, we can see it as a great area for Sharp to be researching, simply because we could see this area infiltrate Sharp’s other appliances.

For instance, the PlasmaCluster air ionisation technology is already making it to Sharp’s refrigerators, which makes a lot of sense when you think about it. All those smells on the inside of the fridge — some of them a little more fresh than others — can be dulled a little, while the ions can attack bacteria and possibly help food last a little longer.


We doubt you’ll see this sort of technology in a printer or a photocopier, and there’s probably no need to, but there’s always a possibility that we’ll see it miniaturised for a vacuum cleaner, with the potential to clean the air and reduce dust as a vacuum is cleaning floors and other surfaces.

As an individual unit, however, it’s still handy, just make sure you have the space and the cash for it.