Sharp goes 4K with THX certification

Remember that loud sound test that used to appear before every science fiction film? We’ve all seen the THX blip at least once, and now TV lovers with a need for the best can find that certification on a 4K TV.

It’s the first of its kind in the world, with Sharp delivering a 4K telly that passes THX certification.

The screen will show the regular Ultra High Definition resolution with 3840×2160 panel, and will feature an upscaler to help bring Full HD 1080p imagery into 4K UHD.

Called the LC70UD1X, it supports 3D (though we suspect it’s active), and will include edge LED backligting and Sharp’s AquoMotion UHD technology to clear up motion blur.

Sound is also said to be decent here, with Duo Bass including two subwoofers in the design, with internet-support possible here through a Flash-enabled web browser.

“THX has been conducting third party evaluation for HDTVs for some time, but only recently began certifying 4K HDTVs,” said Mark Beard, National Marketing Manager for Sharp in Australia.

“We are proud to be a step ahead of the global market, and thrilled that Sharp’s LC-70UD1X will be the first 4K model on the market to pass THX certification.”

Ultra High Definition TVs aren’t cheap, though, and Sharp’s THX-certified model won’t come with a low price tag, coming in at $12999 recommended retail price with it available in specialist channels in early December.