Sharp jump into 3D with new projectors

Sony and Panasonic made their 3D television intentions public last week, and now Sharp has earmarked the technology as one worth following with the announcement of two 3D projectors in May this year.

“Home theatre enthusiasts are expected to embrace 3D as they look to bring the 3D experience, currently found in the cinema, into their homes,” says Denis Kerr, Sharp Deputy Managing Director. “3D requires a big screen to give viewers the full effect and that is what Sharp can offer to households across Australia. Only a Sharp projector with up to a 300 inch screen size can produce the cinema-like experience that 3D viewing deserves.”

The PG-D2500X and the PG-D2710X are designed for home entertainment, education, and business needs, according to the company, and can throw an image with a diagonal from 100cm up to a whopping 762cm. Based on single chip DLP technology, they provide XGA resolution (1024 x 768 pixels), so fall short of being able to display the full HD resolution of 3D Blu-ray discs when they become available. Both projectors support 50 and 100Hz frame rates, with the latter being the minimum necessary for presenting 3D images. Viewers will need to wear special shutter glasses to realise 3D effects from the projectors, but because Sharp employs non-proprietary DLP Link technology, glasses are likely be cheaper that those locked into 3D systems from other brands.

Sharp’s 3D projector duo can, of course, be used to display conventional 2D video material, and provide the usual connections for hooking up to computers, Blu-ray players and video game consoles.