Sharp lives up to its name: produces the sharpest smartphone screen yet

Mobile phones are less about making phone calls and more about surfing the web these days, and one of the things that helps this is a massive and clear screen. While all the big names are currently battling it out for a great quality HD screen, Sharp is taking it one step further with a 5 inch Full HD panel.

The company has just announced a new display destined for smartphones that features a whopping 443 pixels per inch, showing 1920×1080 – also known as Full HD resolution – on a 5 inch screen.

With more pixels per inch than competing handsets, images and text on the screen ca be clearer than ever before, especially in comparison to other devices out there right now, such as the Apple iPhone 5 with 326ppi and 312ppi of the HTC One X.

Sharp says these panels will be going into production in October, so don’t expect them in any handsets until some time next year, when 5 inch smartphones start offering more clarity than your eyes will know what to do with.