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Four pre-sets allow you to select your most used settings. So, if you want to do 2-minute scrambled eggs and stir half way it tells you what to do.

It can discriminate between white and whole grain rice or pasta that need different cooking times.

There are also a range of smart recipes that will prompt you along the way. The bottom line is that Sharp is proactive to help you get more from your microwave.

I was most impressed with her cooking pasta in eight minutes. Normally you would have to boil the water first (10 minutes) and cook the pasta for 11-12 minutes.

Sharp Microwave 2018 new products

Product All midsize, 315mm turntable
520 x 315 x 410mm (convection is 510 deep)
R890EST 110W convection, Stainless steel, $429
R890EBS 1100W, convection, black steel $429
R890EW 1100W convection, white $399
R395EST 1200W, inverter, stainless steel $329
R350EW 1200W, inverter, white $249
R395EBS 1200W, inverter, black steel $329

GadgetGuy’s take – Sharp Microwave convection/grill ovens are interesting

If you are like me, the kidults have long since flown the nest. Cooking is now for my wife and I, and we don’t need four burner hobs and huge ovens. In fact, most nights we have salad or veggies and some protein (meat) or carbs (pasta). Long gone are the days I could roast some lamb in the BBQ – our minuscule 200g portions are simply incinerated.

I think that a microwave/convection/grill oven may just do the trick. I will be reviewing this over the coming weeks and will let you know how it goes on mini roasts, pizza (what is life without cheese?), and trying out as many of the 28 Australian recipes programmed into it.

 Stop press – Sharp slide-out microwave

Sharp previewed its new slide out-draw microwave. It is a built-in design for under benchtops. It is not in Australia yet, but I want one!