Sharp moves beyond TVs, releases first washing machine to Australia

You probably know the Sharp name for big screen tellies, sewing machines, and even a juicer or two, but did you know the company did washing machines?

Overseas, Sharp has had quite a few washing machines, manufacturing the whitegood since 1987, but locally, we’ve seen nada.

This week, though, that changes, as the local arm of Sharp releases the ESV80HA, an 8 kilo-capable front loader with 14 wash programs, temperature settings, child lock, and a super speedy mode.

“Sharp wanted to deliver a powerful performing washing machine that combined flexible washing functions, time saving programs and ecological efficient options,” said Mark Beard, National Marketing Manager for Sharp in Australia.

The super quick rapid wash takes advantage of Sharp’s “TwinJet” technology which sends detergent water through two nozzles as it recirculates, effectively using less water than the “big tank of water and detergent” approach most washing machines tank.

Meanwhile, sensors are also in place to pick up when a smaller load is in the washing machine, with the “eco-logic half-load” system changing the wash time based on how much you’re washing at the time.

Pricing for Sharp’s first washing machine comes in at $759 RRP, though from what we’re seeing already, street price is lower, with availability across Australia now.