Sharp sizes up the competition with a 90 inch TV

How big is your TV? Even if you just spent a bundle on a 42, 47, or 55 inch TV, we’re pretty sure it won’t hold a candle in size alone to Sharp’s latest set.

Announced this week, the Sharp LC-90LE745U is the world’s biggest LED TV, managing a 90 inch screen with a brushed aluminium bezel surrounding it. While we’re just beginning to see the first 2K and 4K screens announced this year, the massive 90 inch Sharp plays back 1080p Full HD.

It’s pretty obvious that the big size is the major draw card here, but you can also expect to find some features common to Smart TV sets – including apps for Facebook and Twitter – as well as support for 3D video here, albeit in the form of active 3D glasses, the more costly of the two current 3D technologies (passive being the other form). Two pairs of glasses are included with the set, though, so if there’s only a couple of you living with the TV, you won’t have to go all out and buy more pairs.

Other specs include some pretty serious numbers, including a massive 8,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio, two USB ports, four HDMI, Ethernet, optical audio out, and built-in WiFi.

The Australian division of Sharp didn’t get back to us on local availability or pricing, but in America, Sharp plans to sell it for $10,999, so think above the ten thousand mark and you’re probably close when it does materialise.

UPDATE (5.25pm): Sharp has just given us a heads up that the 90 inch TV won’t reach Australia until the end of the year, so those of you keen to grab the big TV will just have to hold off for the moment.