Sharp’s 90 inch TV arrives in Australia for $21K

While it’s not quite in the same boat as the 4K machines being touted by other TV manufacturers, if you’re after the biggest television you can find, Sharp has you covered this month.

Hinted for release last year, Sharp’s 90 inch LED backlit 3D LCD may have missed out on being available in Australia in 2012, but will be released in the next few weeks.

Officially called the LC-90LE740X, it’s Sharp’s biggest TV yet, with a 90 inch display equipped with Sharp’s AquoMotion 200 technology to improve the quality of fast cameras in sports, as well as both 2D and 3D sound to make anything you’re watching come to life for your ears, not just your eyes.

“In time for all the New Year’s sports seasons, Australians are going to love this TV,” said Mark Beard, National Marketing Manager for Sharp in Australia. “The high quality Japanese-made LCD makes at-home viewing a real occasion and all the more enjoyable.”

Sharp says that while the screen can be mounted, a viewing distance of three metres is needed for this TV, so if you have a smaller living room, it might be worth looking a little bit more size friendly.

Pricing isn’t for the faint of heart, though, with a recommended retail price of $20,999, though the TV set does arrive with two pairs of 3D glasses (we’re assuming active at this point) and a wireless LAN adapter. This is a fair bit above the original American release price of $10,999, though the TV is slightly different in model numbers, so could have something to do with this.

Sharp's massive 90 inch LCD TV, as seen at CES this year.

It’s worth pointing out that Sharp’s monstrous 90 inch TV only features a 1080p Full HD panel and does not support the new 4K UHDTV resolution that some of the competing 84 and 85 inch TVs available now have.

If you’re not sold on the idea of 4K yet, this is easily the biggest 1080p TV around, but given what’s coming up, it could be worth waiting to see how it competes with the similarly priced UHDTVs.

  1. You could spend $16k for the 4k LG, while, yeah its LG, the picture quality is worth the price. A full HD 90 inch? No thanks, imaging watching TV with it, even HD foxtel would look like crap.

    We won’t stock it where I work because no one will pick this over the LG ultra HD for that price, and we stocked the 100 inch Panasonic for 100k when it was out.

    Stupid move by sharp and really this TV has nothing going for it over other brands other than it is big….

  2. what a rip-off – my friend brought one in the Sates for just USD$9,090.- incl. sales tax online … why we are paying twice of the price here in AUS … its just wrong

  3. Twice the price of the USA, and we have the stronger dollar in Aus, and TV’s going to USA and coming here to Aus are all from Japan, i just don’t get how the extra 10 k over USA is justified. I want it, i really do, but come on, twice the price……

    1. It’s a hard ask, isn’t it? If the price difference was only a few grand, we’d be able to say shipping and taxes, because US pricing always lacks state taxes. But $10K is a lot of money.

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