Sharp’s fridges aim for simplicity and scent clarity

The refrigerator is one of those things we tend to only replace when it’s on its last legs or at death’s door, but if you’ve been thinking of getting a sleeker fridge for a while, something from Sharp may well do the job.

This week, the company is announcing that Australia is the next place for a new breed of refrigerator to land, with the SJXP580G, an appliance with a name that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue but instead brings a simple look with easy to find minimalist controls and some neat tricks happening on the inside.


The outside is the first part you’ll find, and this offers either a black or silver glass door, providing either the simplicity of shiny black or something a little more steel like with a stainless steel-look glass covered finish.

While most fridges would embed controls and lights somewhere near the centre, Sharp has built these into the side, sitting in the handle on the freezer, because this is a top-mount freezer fridge.


Then there’s what’s inside, with a special type of inverter to control the temperature and help keep energy usage down, an “express freezing” mode to make ice quickly in the space of 93 minutes, and an “extra cool” function to chill drinks to between zero and two degrees (Celsius) in a dedicated space in the fridge.

Sharp’s Plasmacluster technology is also here, which is one of those unusual technologies few have access to, allowing the fridge to deactivate bacteria in the air and stop mould spores, which it does by releasing clusters of ions into the air, or at least the air inside the fridge. This works in tandem with a deodoriser filter to stop odours, which in turn breaks down the particles in the scents and stops the fridge from smelling, well, like a dank fridge can smell like.


“We wanted to create something special in the SJXP580G with its rich feature set and unique sophisticated design,” said Sharp’s Halim Saliman.

“With the deep black or elegant silver look glass door finish, the unit becomes the focal point of the kitchen with an aesthetic that blends well with any kitchen décor.”


Pricing of the Sharp SJXP580G comes in at $1899, with retail availability found across all major electrical retailers in Australia from September 1.