Shazam gets full song streaming, but only if you pay for Rdio on the go

We’re big fans of technology that can help us identify songs from movies, TV shows, and restaurants when we need to, but what if you could listen to the entire track and not just identify it?

One of the world’s most loved music ID apps is getting that ability, as Shazam rolls out an update to its iOS app that grabs more than just a preview, with the entire song able to be streamed thanks to the Rdio music streaming service.

“Shazaming a song is just the beginning of a listener’s journey,” said Daniel Danker, Chief Product Officer at Shazam.

“Now, in partnership with Rdio, fans can listen to the music they discover without even leaving the app, making Shazam a terrific place to enjoy great music.

The concept won’t just be limited to iOS, with Android getting the feature in the coming weeks, and making it possible for people trying to work out what song they just heard to listen to the entire thing and not just the remaining thirty seconds they came in on.

There is a catch, however, as representatives for Shazam this week confirmed to GadgetGuy that this feature would only work if you are also a paid subscriber to Rdio’s all-you-can-listen-to music service. The concept should be compatible with other services soon, with Shazam also telling us that “additional streaming services to be added and announced in the coming weeks.”

That can only be a good thing, because there are plenty of these services out there, including Google Play All Access, Spotify, and Guvera, and you really shouldn’t have to be subscribed to a specific one to make this feature work.

If you do have an Rdio subscription, however, you get to be the first to try the full song playback from a music identification, with Apple’s iOS getting it first, and Android in the next few days, so look for the app update shortly.