Should I buy an iPhone 4 now or wait?

So you’ve given it a lot of thought and you want your next phone to be an iPhone, but you’ve also heard the rumours about a new iPhone 5… so what do you do?

While Apple hasn’t given anything away about a new model, the increase in rumours leads us to believe that something is definitely coming.11

There’s also the gap year dilemma: every year since the iPhone’s release year in 2007, Apple has released a new version of the product, usually in June or July. This year, Apple has missed its normal timing, but we can’t imagine the company would miss the year altogether.

From this point, a release in either September or October makes sense. Based on speculation, we don’t see this being just a minor update, with a new camera, faster processor, and more solid design likely on the cards.

With all of those things in mind, if you’re thinking of buying a new phone and are looking in Apple’s direction, we would wait until September.

There are plenty of smartphones that are fantastic too, so your choices aren’t limited. But if your heart’s set on iOS, we’d wait a month.