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GadgetGuy’s take – Q: Should you buy a refurbished or second-hand phone? A: Caveat emptor

Two main issues – You must have Australian firmware (not just certified for sale in Australia – marketing hype) and decent battery life. The first requires quite a lot of investigation. It is easy to test the battery by installing a free app before you buy.

Ironically, the masses of used smartphones were once shipped overseas for use in third world countries, are now being resold here.

Our best advice is to forget refurbished, swallow your brand loyalty/snobbery and look for a new pre-paid, mass-or-mid-market with a genuine Australian warranty from a reputable retailer – not those shonky online ones that will probably sell you an international model not meant for Australian networks.

There are some incredible new phones for bargain prices.

Nokia covers the market from $149 to $699 and watch out for flash specials at JB Hi-Fi

Motorola g7 and g7 Plus for $399/499 offer great value – the g7 Plus is pretty special

OPPO has the new Reno Z that at $499 has the largest MP camera in the market

Alcatel has the 1 and 3 series that offer a whole lot more from $179 to $279.

Samsung is back with its new Galaxy A-series from $279 to $649 with some spectacular specifications.

You can watch Channel Seven GadgetGuy Val Quinn’s take here.

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