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Conceived as an idea to help not-for-profits connect with the connected crowd, a new app is hitting the online marketplaces of Google and Apple with an intention to help you give a little to places who need it most.

We could all give a little more, but donations can often come across as being too large for many to think about. While the idea of $20 or $30 isn’t a exactly a big number, often they’re just bigger than what we like to think about.

In fact, if we had the chance, many of us probably wouldn’t mind donating smaller quantities, such as the cost of a movie ticket, a beer, or a cup of coffee.

One app – Shout – is going to try to make that style of giving, also called a “micro-donation,” a reality that’s usable for smartphones.

“Shout was developed around the idea that a whole lot can be achieved if everyone just gives a little. Donations don’t need to be big to make a significant difference,” said Jane Martino, one of the founders of Shout.

Rather than large round sums, this app allows smartphone and tablet users to donate the value of simple things to charities, with a simple “cheers” sent back once it’s sent.

Currently, the donations start from $4.90, and can be sent to charities including the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Foodbank, Reach Foundation, St. Kilda Gatehouse, and a bunch more.

If you have an organisation you’d like to add to the list, it can be suggested to either the charity or Shout, which will get in contact.