Silver screen dreams

Get the cinema experience in your own home

It used to be that only movie producers could afford a home cinema. Draping a room of their Hollywood mansion in red velvet, they’d put a projectionist on the payroll and invite their mates and other moguls around for private screenings of the latest films.

Today there’s a home cinema system for everybody, whether you want to re-create that era of Tinseltown grandeur with a complete custom installation, or simply get more from your DVD collection with a discrete and affordable lifestyle solution.

All home cinema systems begin with a screen, but what type of display you go with is up to you. Plasma, LCD and projectors each have their strengths, and Audio Connection can advise which technology is best suited to your room, viewing habits and wallet.

The next step is the video source. For most people this still means a DVD player, although Blu-ray players are now offering a high definition movie experience, and for the true enthusiast hard-disk based movie servers that can share your movie library with every screen in the house are also an option.

The player is partnered with a home cinema amplifier to handle surround soundtracks and act as a hub so you can connect all your AV devices, from video games consoles to portable music players, together. The sound is routed to a set of speakers – five for basic surround sound or seven for better rear speaker effects – and a subwoofer to handle bass notes and rumbling special effects such as car chases and explosions.

Audio Connection offers a wide choice of all this equipment, along with everything else you need to complete your home cinema, such as cables and specialist furniture. We also offer installation and full configuration to ensure your equipment looks and sounds as good as it can, whether it’s in a dedicated room or a shared living area.

For the full red carpet Hollywood feel, we also offer interior design services, custom made cinema furniture and acoustic treatments that can ensure your home movie palace looks and sounds even better than the real thing.

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