SimCity to return next year, reticulating splines

One of the most legendary games is getting remade, with a new title arriving next year set to revamp the long-running “SimCity” franchise and bring it into the current generation.

Originally created in 1989 by Will Wright, the SimCity games paved the way for a whole host of Sim-titles, including “SimCity 2000,” “SimTower,” and most notably “The Sims.” Creator Will Wright designed many of these games, including the Sim-everything title, “Spore”.

Announced today, EA and Maxis will bring SimCity back in 2013 with a whole new look and engine, allowing gamers to play the mayor and control nearly every aspect of the city designed by the player.

From what we hear, SimCity will be a PC-only title, although that could change by the time it’s released next year.