It is not always possible to do a quick background check of all the handymen and maids you would like to hire but this way you get to vet them before they are inside your castle. Thieves or home invaders won’t continue if they know your finger is on a panic button to a monitoring agency or that their image is on file.

The Swann Doorbell Cam is very good or use an Arlo 4K Ultra camera with built-in LEDs.

Simple things to tighten home security
That is not my usual pizza delivery boy!

Rule #5 Remove potential hiding spots from outdoor areas

Trim the trees and bushes in your outdoor areas, or they may end up as potential hiding spots for thieves. As asserted by Art of Manliness, criminals are fond of dark and bushy areas, and they will most likely break into your home if it has incredibly tall grasses and bushes.

If you have a secluded front entrance, it’s a golden rule to have security cameras, lights and sirens as well as thinking about a flashing light/siren at the fence line.

Simple things to tighten home security
So many places to hide

Rule #6 Don’t hide a key under a pot plant

Avoid obvious places to hide that spare key. Under pot plants, on the top door sill, under a brick…

How Stuff Works says some security techniques are too obvious, and every criminal knows them.

If you must leave a key use an IglooHome Keybox 2 at $239  that is practically indestructible and has room for keys, keycards and more.

 Simple things to tighten home security

Rule #7 – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Thieves go directly to the master bedroom. That is where easily ‘pawnable’ watches, jewellery and often money and credit cards usually are.

Simple things to tighten home security

If they have the time, they next go to the home office and entertainment area looking for carriable items like laptops and tablets. Thieves know instinctively what items are worth the money and what are a waste of time. Don’t worry about silverware or paintings unless the robbery is drug-related and they are off their heads!

A simple solution is to not to put all your valuable items in the one room – put at least one precious item in non-obvious places in each room. This way, you will lower the risk of losing all your valuables.

Rule #8 Don’t expose your assets

Thieves often ‘case the joint’ to look for easy ingress and egress points. But they also look for obvious high-value assets. Leaving window coverings open allows them easy ‘remote-access’.

Simple things to tighten home security

GadgetGuy’s take – Simple things to tighten home security. It is well past time for healthy paranoia

Joe and Jane Average generally compromise the security of their greatest assets – their feeling of security – daily.

Because security is not muscle memory, thieves/hackers know that. There is always a door or window somewhere that someone forgot to lock.

We have focused on physical things – doors, locks, windows etc. We have shown how smart cameras and lights can secure some areas.

Now, we could write a whole other article about securing your virtual world. The attack vectors have increased exponentially. Hackers can access many security cameras or intercept email or look up calendars. You can reveal too much on social media (like innocent holiday shots indicating your home is vacant) inviting thieves to come in. And cybercriminals can even monitor IoT in smart homes for utility usage to ascertain occupancy patterns.