Aussie-made Simplsaver budgeting app eases money management

Simplsaver budgeting app

Managing finances is one thing many of us could use more help with, especially given the current state of the economy. Not all of us are naturally money savvy, which is where many apps and services claim to offer a silver bullet solution. In a crowded market, one Australian-made app stands out thanks to its simplicity: Simplsaver.

Developed by veteran tech journalist and GadgetGuy alumnus Leigh Stark, Simplsaver aims to make budgeting easy. It’s free to download, and helps you start managing your money in just 30 seconds. From the outset, the app suggests four of the most common recurring expenses: housing, shopping, phone, and internet bills.

“Working out your budget might seem like it’s in the ‘too hard basket’ and that it’ll take too much time, but it doesn’t need to,” Stark said. “Simplsaver can help you build a budget without the burden, and get you on top of knowing where your dollars are going.”

While Simplsaver is only currently available for iPhones, an Android version is in the works. It’s also great to see that user privacy is a primary focus. Any figures you put into the app are only stored locally on your device, providing peace of mind that your information is safe from online data leaks.

Simplsaver includes great budgeting features

Living up to its name, the locally-developed app avoids the complexity of many other budgeting solutions. After adding in your income and expenses, the app then calculates what your finances look like on a monthly basis. It’s entirely free to use for the first five recurring costs you add in, and then it’s a cheap $6.99 per year to add an unlimited amount from there. Generally, if you use something regularly and it provides you value, it’s worth paying for.

One of the standout features included in Simplsaver is a streamlined way to keep on top of your subscription services. Whether it’s streaming platforms or software, nearly everything has some form of ongoing payment. With the app, you can select from a wide range of common subscription services like Netflix or Xbox Game Pass, and it will automatically update your budget with the associated costs. Even better, if you decide you need to cut back, the budget item also includes a link to the specific service so you can more easily manage your subscriptions.

Simplsaver budgeting app recession risk

More recently, Simplsaver received an update that adds a “risk of recession” feature. Based on the Australian Consumer Price Index (CPI), it indicates how your budget may be impacted by increasing prices of goods and services. Inflation puts increasing pressure on household budgets, so it’s a good idea to proactively plan ahead.

You can download Simplsavr now for your iPhone on the App Store. In a time when everything seems a bit tougher than usual, it’s good to see affordable, easy-to-use tools available to help.

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