Skip to bring Aussie coffee fans a way to beat the queue

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Anyone with a penchant for liquid caffeine isn’t likely to be fond of lines or waiting for their regular dose of coffee or tea, but fortunately, a new app has arrived to deal with that.

Given that we all have hurried lives, waiting for a coffee can be one of the more frustrating daily requirements.

You know the drill: rock up to work possibly a few minutes early, only you’re forced to wait in line for a cup of coffee which in turn makes you late. It’s a frustrating issue that speaks volumes about how much we all love a drop in the morning and how pushed for time your everyday barista is.

Fortunately, there’s an app to help you deal with that, arriving in the form of “Skip”.


The idea is simple: before you rock up to the cafe, order your drink online and then pick it up, thereby skipping the queue and letting you arrive to work on time, or where ever it is you happen to be going.

According to the manager of Skip, the idea came from that very issue, with the frustrating time being wasted in a queue as the primary reason for developing the app, which has been tested in Melbourne in the past dew months.

“We’ve seen the massive growth of on-demand services such as Netflix and Uber,” said Bill Bizos, General Manager of Skip, who said that “tapping into this trend, we’ve watched as Melbourne orders on Skip have tripled in the last six months.

“Sydney locals are loving the app and we’re enjoying great uptake by some of Sydney’s best venues too,” he said.


Skip’s people tell GadgetGuy that there are over 300 cafes and restaurants in Sydney connected with the app, which is now also available on Android and iOS, enabling owners of any of the major smartphones and tablets to sink their teeth in and skip the line.

It’s not just Sydney, either, with Melbourne, Perth, Hobart and Brisbane both supporting Skip’s clientele, with the company focusing on increasing numbers across Aussie states in the coming months.

As noble as the idea is, Skip’s “beat the coffee line” concept isn’t remarkably new, and joins the likes of “Beat the Q”, which changed name to “Hey You” several months ago. As for which you use, however, that will depend on what your local uses, which means you may want to download both apps to find out which cafes are supported on each.